Noriker drafthorses 2012


Noriker are one of the oldest and most popular european mountain draft horse breed. In Austria, they even start in special eventing competitions, but you can find them in every sport- section. The photographed mare "Franka" won the open austrian championship in Reining against Quarter Horses! Her trainer and rider Elfi also does Piaffe and Levade on her gelding Bruni. Noriker are great for al purposes, especially for heavier riders. Their nerves are also very strong and so they make ideal trails horses for the austrian rolling hills and mountains. Just recently, the Indian army bought several hundreds of Norikers for breeding strong and big Mules and patrolling along the mountain border.

Very special is the "Tiger spotted" colour of some horses. In baroque times, these animals were only supposed to be used for the bishops carriages.

Portfolio by Christiane Slawik on Thu, 10/04/2012 - 06:38