India 2012


Intense light. Bright colors. Friendly people. Hearty laugh and of course the incredible Marwari horses. If you have been in India once, you´ll always come back.

Everybody from my workshop-group was more then impressed by the horses, and the amazing horsemanship the Indians show everywhere.

We lived in magnificent old palaces and comfortable luxury tents, enjoyed great food and excellent horses. Only for us, villages arranged opulent, colorful festivals with dancing and music. Powerful Marwari stallions, nobel mares and sweet foals, all with the exotic elf ears, we met at the prestigious Jaisa Stud. On the horse market in Balotra we saw numerous decorated camels, cattle, Sindhi horses from Pakistan and VERY impressive speed racking horses.

Our next equine phototainment tour will lead us to Egypt! Infos check here .

Portfolio by Christiane Slawik on Sun, 04/15/2012 - 16:44