Indias best kept secret: Marwari horses 2011


Indiens great Marwari horses, stunning culture and the overwhelming kindness of the indian people made me and the 30 participants of my two photo-worshops deeply fall in love with the country and the magnificent horses. Some of us had tears in their eyes when they left. Many promised: We´ll come back!

Some videoimpressions:
• Galopp through the desert. Riding safari on spirited Marwaris during the photo-workshop.
• Christiane films her ride on the black Marwari stallion Sonu in Walk and Revaal through the horsemarket in Hanumangarh.
• Beautifull Nukra Marwari stallion performing a perfect Terre á Terre (Video by Gabriele Marek).
• Christiane riding a Nukra Marwari stallion (Video by Gabriele Marek).
• Photocollage Video 1 , Video 2

Portfolio by Christiane Slawik on Fri, 03/11/2011 - 15:22